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Navigate from dot to dot, trick your enemies and burn everything in your path in this lively Puzzle game! Fireballz is a new take on the classic connect the dots puzzle games. You control a fire ball and navigate from dot to dot, setting your targets on fire.

◉ Harmony

Make Music!

Harmony: Music Notes is a brainteaser puzzle game merging artistic features and addictive gameplay where you need to tap the squares to create beautiful symmetries. Every piece you tap will produce a music sound, providing the illusion that you are truly playing piano.


Make Symmetries

Build perfect symmetries. Draw a line to clone your shapes. A neon based game with mystic drawings.

∞ Infinity Loop

Simply Endless

With 40 Million+ Downloads on iOS and Android, Infinity Loop is a game about making intringuing patterns. Users say it is “so satisfying” that they can’t stop playing. Infinity Loop is our first approach to hyper casual puzzle games.


Logic Challenge

Maths! In a Fun, engaging way! Many of us would give a leg away to not deal with it again. With over 10 packages and a great soundtrack, Brain Fever makes maths simple!


The Brain Game

Imagine you are lost in space and you need to decipher the code of a locker to be able to return to earth. This is DECIPHER! 250 curated levels with Haptic Feedback on iOS.


Just a single line

One Line tracks the time you take to solve each of the levels and then gives you an IQ Score while comparing it with all the other people who also played One Line.


Don't leave an empty spot!

◉ CONNECTION engages your brain into a stiff mental challenge. Every day is a good day to connect your logic skills to a beautiful flat game, always exercising your creativity with new levels.


Build Art Works

Transform scattered pieces into art works. Imagine that you drop glass in the ground and you have to combine all of the scattered remainings in a Futuristic Neon Environment! This is▲ SHAPES!

∞ Infinity Loop: ENERGY

Bring Energy to Life!

We have reworked the concept of the Loop game and mixed it with a previous game built by our team: Current Stream. ENERGY has enchanting graphics and music. Perfect to play with Headphones!

∞ Infinity Loop: HEX

Version #2 of Loop

After 30 Million downloads, Infinity Loop Version 2 is live with an immersive hexagonal board! With the same fantastic concept, you have the opportunity of building loops in a new way!

∞ Infinity Merge

Relax and Merge

Merge Blocks in a relaxing and authentic atmosphere. It is a fun to play and easy to master game based on the famous 2048 and huge tweak of graphic design from the Infinity Games team.

What, The Fox?

It has funny foxes!

A journey into several mystic and charming worlds of foxes. A clean and relaxing game play within a brain-enchacing type of game. Simply swipe your finger to play and get the foxes into the holes!

■ Square it!

Just square it all!

Imagine you have a new room to paint and you can’t leave empty areas. Boom! It’s Square it! Just fill the board with the square and don’t leave empty spots. Square it follows the same trend as Infinity Loop.

⚡ Current Stream

Electrifying Experience

This is a connection game with over 200 levels in which you have to switch on all of the lamps to the power source. It is an engaging puzzle game that helps you improve the focus and concentration.

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